New E-Shram Card List 2024 released: E Shram Card List name check

E-Shram Card

E-Shram Card – Many schemes are run by the Indian government to provide economic benefits to the laborers and workers of the country. In order to provide the benefits of all these schemes to the laborers and workers of the country at the stipulated time, their personal information is required to be obtained. Therefore, E-Shram Card Scheme has been started by the government.

Under this scheme, e-Shram cards are made by the Indian government to provide economic benefits to all the workers of the country like rickshaw pullers, vegetable sellers, cart pullers, newspaper sellers etc. If you are interested in making an e-Shram card and have previously applied for it, then it is important to check the E-Shram Card Payment List. That is why we have presented the process of checking E-Shram Card Payment List in simple words in this article, after reading it till the end, you can also check your E-Shram Card Payment List easily.

E-Shram Card

E Shram Card Payment List

Till now more than 28 crore workers of the country have joined the e-Shram Card portal. The government of India aims to connect more than 35 crore workers of the country with this portal. All the workers who join the portal are called e-Shram card holders. For all these e-Shram card holders, free accident insurance of Rs. 2,00,000 is also being provided by the government.

If you had applied to get your E-Shram Card under the E-Shram Card Scheme, then we want to inform you about a new E-Shram Card Payment List which has been issued by the government. If your name is present in the list, you will be provided financial benefits by the government.

Benefits of E Shram Card Scheme

Along with economic benefits, e-Shram Card scheme is full of other benefits and features. The benefits of this scheme are being provided to the workers of all the states of the country. This scheme is capable of benefiting all the castes of all religions of the country. Under this scheme, e-Shram card are provided to all the workers of the country between 16 years to 60 years. Free accident insurance of Rs 2 lakh is also provided by the government for the card holders.

Required eligibility for E Shram Card Scheme

Some eligibility criteria have also been set by the government for the holders of e-Shram card.

  • The holders of e-Shram card must be citizens of India.
  • No government employee should be working in the house of the card holder
  • Annual income of the family should not be more than Rs 260000

Only those applicants who satisfy all the conditions mentioned above, are eligible for E Shram Card Scheme.

How to check E Shram Card payment list?

  • First of all, Visit the official website of e-Shram card (e shram card portal).
  • On the home page of the website, click on the option of beneficiary.
  • Now you will be asked to enter your mobile number for an OTP
  • Now enter the OTP and click on the option to proceed, enter your name and your registration number and click on the submit option.
  • Here, you can easily access e shram card list 2024.Check your name here.

In this article, along with all the necessary information related to e Shram Card, we have also presented the process of checking the new e-Shram Card Payment List issued by the government in simple words.If you have followed the e shram card list process 2024 correctly, you must be able to check your name in the list.

FAQ Related to E Shram Card

What is required to download an e-shram card?

The first requirement for downloading e-shram card is your Aadhaar card and it is necessary to have a link to the mobile number.

Can e-shram cards be downloaded online?

Yes, you can download your E Shram Card PDF online, the process is mentioned in this article.

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